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Our company was established on 09.02.2022. This company was founded on e-commerce and organizing tournament organization in e-sports game contents. Our e-commerce content is built to support E-Sports. E-Sport is a company that has many things such as textile products (shirts, etc.), Player Equipment, E-pin codes.


Our story

KDZ as a result of the tournaments that 3 friends came together for fun. It was desired to establish an arena environment by wanting to move it to Ereğli district. The tournaments were planned to start as soon as a sponsor was found, and the company turned to e-commerce by generating income. 3 friends created the project, but Abdullah Aydınlıoğlu was the one who undertook the project. Abdullah Aydınlıoğlu, who is 21 years old, is the current owner of SSA E-SPORTS Company. In the continuation of the adventure, he will pursue a good place in business life with his project partners.

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